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Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

DME stands for Durable Medical Equipment, which is a specialty of ours. DME is the equipment that is designed to be used in your home or out and about to improve your lifestyle and ease discomfort and pain.


Our mission at Save-Rite Pharmacy is to bring comfort and independence to the lives of our patients and community. We provide the most innovative and highest quality products & equipment available. As a locally owned and operated pharmacy, we are committed to providing every customer with the very best in pharmacy services. We specialize in providing high-quality solutions to the problems our patients face. Our dedicated team is here to get you in the right medical equipment when you need it.


Ready to get started?

young man pushing older man in wheelchair

Mobility Equipment

We want to make sure you are able to keep going about your daily life as easily as possible. Mobility products help you maintain an active and more independent lifestyle. Let us help you get back moving. With wheelchairs, transport chairs, walkers, rollators, crutches, and canes, we can find the right fit for you so you can keep enjoying life to the fullest.

compression socks on feet

Compression Socks

Give your body the support it needs. Medical compression can do wonders for your body, from increasing circulation, especially in those living with chronic conditions such as diabetes, to supporting you while you exercise. Compression apparel regulates your body temperature, manages moisture, supports your muscles and joints, and delivers increased oxygen and blood flow. 

shower seat

Shower Seats

Seventy percent of home accidents occur in the bathroom, making it the most dangerous room in the house for seniors. Introduce a shower seat into your routine and bathe with confidence.

older woman using nebulizer


Living with COPD or asthma? You may benefit from the use of a nebulizer. Nebulizers can help deliver your medication as a mist deep into your lungs —where your body needs it the most. Talk to our team about whether a nebulizer is the right fit for you.



Using a standard toilet is not always feasible. Whether you are recovering from surgery, living with a medical condition, or simply adjusting to the effects of aging, a commode offers you a dignified way to use the bathroom — and it can give you back some independence in your daily routine.

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