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Mind. Body. Spirit.

We take a complete approach to wellness — focusing on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Discover the power of holistic healthcare with ear acupuncture, reflexology, genetic testing, essential oil coaching, and much more!

The Holistic Health Difference

I had my first visit today. I finally felt heard. She was extremely thorough and kind. She truly listened and developed a course of action. I'm so thankful for this practice!

- Carla B.

I finally feel like I am on a good path! I had my first visit today and Holly had so much information for me! I did the monthly plan to help with accountability and love that she already had so many things set in place after just one visit! I am so excited to see where this journey takes me!

- Olivia B.

Yesterday we had our first appointment at Providence Holistic Health and I am truly humbled to have such a compassionate and intuitive practitioner in our small town.

- Jessie L.

Wellness Resources

Feel Confident in

Your Health

Tired of dealing with medication side effects? Tried all the supplements that didn't fix the problem? Exploring holistic healthcare may be the next step for you.

Learn about our membership options or schedule your initial consult—and feel confident in your health!


  • Foot Detox

  • B-12 Injection

  • Clay Lamp Treatment

  • Ear Acupuncture

  • Well Child Check

  • Tick Assessment

  • Skin Tag Removal

  • Reflexology

  • Genetic Testing

  • Advanced Testing

  • Women's Health Screening

  • Hormone Testing

  • Compound Prescribing

  • Lactation Consulting

  • Natural Labor Techniques

  • Essential Oil Coaching

  • Cognivue

Providence Holistic Health 

Wellness Clinic

Providence Holistic Health is our wellness clinic located inside Save-Rite Brandenburg, that specializes in holistic healthcare practices. Holly Schultz Pollock, APRN-FNP-C and the Providence Health team provide a sanctuary where we search for the root cause and remediation of chronic illness. 

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